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Composition: Each tablet contains calcium carbonate 750mg (equivalent to calcium 300mg), Vitamin D3 100 IU and other inactive ingredients: sorbitol, magnesium stearate, aspartame, citric acid, natural flavors, and colors.

Description: Yellow (pineapple), orange (orange), and green (peach) aoorted colors and flavors, elephant shaped chewable tablets.

Therapeutic Category: Calcium and vitamin supplement

Indications: Use for calcium supplement in children.

Strength: Each tablet contains Calcium Carbonate 750mg (equivalent to Calcium 300mg) and Vitamin D3 100 IU

Directions: Chew one tablet daily or as directed by a physician.

Adverse Reactions:

Gastric gas, constipation 

Administration of this product in excess of the appropriate daily dose can cause hypercalcemia and alkaline-milk syndrome, which appear as elevated blood calcium, alkalosis, and renal insufficiency.


Patients with hypercalciuria and hyperuricemia should not take this product.


Patients with cardiac and renal insufficiency should take great caution when using this product.

Do not use when the physical characteristics of this product have changed.

If you are currently taking other medications, always consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

Children should not use this product unless under the supervision of adults.

Keep this product out of the reach of children.

Drug Interaction:

Do not use with Digitalis. Calcium may produce serious arrhythmias in patients taking Digitalis.

Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine inhibit the absorption of calcium.

Food rich in fiber may decrease the absorption of calcium. 

Use with Phenytoin Sodium and Tetracyclines may reduce the absorption of calcium.

Vitamin D, estrogen and contraceptives may increase the absorption of calcium. 

Use with antacids containing aluminium results in an increase of aluminium absorption. 

Use with thiazide diuretics may cause hypercalcemia due to an increase in the reabsorption of calcium in renal tubule. 

Use with drug containing potassium may include arrhythmias.


Calcium is an essential substance for the formation and development of skeletal structure. Also, calcium is required to maintain the normal functions of nervous system, neuromuscular activity, skeletal structure, cell membrane and permeability of blood capillaries in the body. Vitamin D is involved in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus; facilitate the absorption of these two elements; and plays a very important role in bone formation.

Storage: Keep tightly closed and store in a dry place.

Package: 30 or 60 tablets packaged in a USP grade high-density polyethylene bottle, sealed with a polyethylene cap and tamper evident seal underneath the cap.

Expiration Date: 24 months from the date of manufacture

Code of Implement of Specification: JX20030165

Import Drug License No.: 30 or 60 tablets in a bottle  H20090949

                      12500 tablets in a carton  H20090950

Date of Revision for the Insert: Feb. 11, 2010

Manufacturer: A&Z Pharmaceutical, Inc. 

Address: 180 Oser Avenue Suite 300 Hauppauge, NY 11788,U.S.A. 

Tel: 001-631-952-3800, Fax: 001-631-952-3900

Guo Yao Zhun Zi (National Medicine Permit No.) J20100035

Branch for Packing: Anshi Pharmaceutical (Zhongshan) Inc.

If you have further questions related to this product, contact the manufacturer directly.

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